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Friday, November 12, 2010


I had an appointment on Tuesday, and it went well!

I gained 5 pounds.  In 4 weeks.  Acceptable, because that still only puts me 6 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight, due to all the weight I lost in the beginning.  But still.  Five pounds seems like a lot.  Ah well.  I'm trying to eat healthy...for the most part.

When she measured my stomach it was 4 inches bigger than 4 weeks ago.  Twenty-one inches.  The last visit there was a 4 inch gain as well.  At some point I'm assuming it'll grow less than 4 inches per visit...or else I'm most definitely having a line backer!

The baby's (should I just call him John?) heartbeat was 147 bpm.  He was moving all over too, she kept having to move the doppler thing to find him.  Just when we'd get a good solid heartbeat he'd be off and wiggling again.  Silly boy.

My blood pressure was a little high.  For me, at least.  Mine is usually very low, and the top number was in the 130's.  My midwife didn't seem worried, so I'm not.

Let's see...I think that's it!  The only pregnancy issues I'm having lately are just annoying ones: I can't get comfortable at night, or when we're just on the couch watching TV.  My back hurts.  My body is so sore by the end of the day.  I wake up all night long!  Heartburn is a killer.  But those are all so minor when I feel those little baby movements!  I think that will definitely be what I miss the most once I have him!

I need to take a picture and post it...maybe today!

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