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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hand over the gun and no one will get hurt!

Having lost 2 babies during pregnancy, there are definitely parts of having a baby that I thought I may never get to experience.  Sure, there are many parts I may not want to experience: sickness, nausea, stretch marks, swollen feet, braxton hicks, labor & delivery!  But the good surely outweighs the bad here.

Just having a baby belly (which I must say, I'm rockin' pretty well right now) is something I've really looked forward to.

I think a baby shower is high up on the list of fun things during pregnancy for a new Mom.  And I've got to say here, it's really not about the gifts.  At last not just about the gifts! 

To me, a shower is more about the celebration of a new life coming into the world.  What better reason to celebrate?!?

Yesterday my sister and I spent hours in Babies 'R Us with a scanning gun, picking out adorable little things for our baby-boy-on-the-way.  (And when I say 'our', you all know I'm talking about John and I.  The other people in Babies 'R Us?  They might have gotten the wrong idea...) 

I'm probably about half done registering.  Pretty much all the big stuff, and some other things are on the list.  I'm going to finish up at Target where I'm not so overwhelmed!  I even put very big stuff, that we're planning on buying ourselves, because near the end of my pregnancy we'll get 10% off anything left. 

Well, I need to go put a chicken in the oven, then finish up a big project I just started before John wakes up!

And here's the picture I promised...

22.5 weeks.  And yes, that is my bathroom, missing a strip of molding.  It's been missing forever.  Maybe we'll get that up before the baby comes...


Kristi said...

You are definitely rocking the baby belly!

harmonysong said...

Oh my gosh!!! WHAT A CUTE BABY BELLY!!!!!

Lynn said...

Thanks Ladies! :)