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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I have a leg to stand on

So I figured I'd give a quick leg update for those wondering.

There's still some numbness in my knee and right below it.  And by some, I mean very little.  I can't believe I'm at the point where I barely even notice the numbness.

As far as walking, I basically have no problem.  I haven't really tried running, I have a feeling I'm not quite there yet.  If I squat down for something it's a little tough getting up, especially if I'm holding JJ!

It's been a long recovery for sure, but I'm just glad the recovery is happening!  I still remember sitting in my hospital bed, wiping away tears with the sheet, thinking I'd never be able to take care of my baby.

The next obstacle to overcome?  Meshing my new Mommy role with my old life working at Pineview.  The collision will occur June 7th.  Pray for me!!

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Kristi said...

Glad to hear that your leg is doing better. Praying for you and JJ as you rejoin the preschool life.