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Thursday, September 9, 2010

So how far along am I?

The answer?  Who knows!  :)  My original due date of March 17, 2011 has now (because of ultrasound measurements) been pushed up to March 11, 2011.  That puts me at 14 weeks tomorrow!  I lost almost a whole week of pregnancy in there!  But I'm not getting my hopes up; it's probably likely to change back at some point!

All I know for sure is I got to see my baby fluttering around today!  And it looks like such a real baby!  When the tech first put the ultrasound tool thing to my stomach, we saw the baby right away, and it jumped!  I think we scared it!  We could see the heartbeat going strong at 163bpm.

I'm slightly nervous until my appointment on Monday.  Obviously hoping for no neural tube issues.  It's so hard not to worry!

Wanna see pictures???

Great profile shot!

We watched the baby move its hand from all the way down by its side, up to its face!  We could see all the individual fingers!  So cute!


Kristen said...

Oohhhh, I just LOVE this! What a precious gift from God! Will you find out the gender or wait? I have a guess, but what do I know - I'm all the way in PA. Wish we could see you & John soon. Miss you both.

harmonysong said...

oh yay!! So exciting!!

Lydia said...

I'm excited for you! I hope little baby is an early bird and comes on my birthday on the 7th. then I would know someone with my same birthday

Danielle D said...

AWESOME PICTUERES! Im so happy for you guys! I remember the joys of the moving due date..I too had two and she came a day after the first one..with a little help from the doc that is ;). WHERES THE BELLY PICS>>>>>> ?????

Lynn said...

Kristen, I hope we can get together sometime!! What's your guess? Everyone seems to have an opinion except me!! :) Lots of girl guesses.
Lydia, that would be awesome! I'm sure at that point I'll want the baby to be a little early too!
Danielle, thank you!! We'll see if it changes again. I'm debating doing a belly pic today...I don't know. I feel like I just look fat! :)