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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dear Baby~

Dear Baby Nuz, 

Sometimes it's hard to tell if time is flying by or crawling slowly.  When I have my moments/hours/days of not feeling well, time definitely creeps by.  But when I think about holding you in my arms, it feels like time stands still!  (When I look into your bedroom...which for now is the catch-all room, I realize we need time to crawl just a little bit!!)

I don't accomplish a lot these days.  Work completely drains me, and I hardly have any energy when I get home.  When I do have a day that I can accomplish something, I usually end up not feeling well.  Luckily your Daddy is so understanding and compassionate.  He cheers for me and says what a wonderful wife I am when I manage to finish a load of laundry!

Right now I'm watching the Giants first football game of the season while Daddy sleeps off his night at work.  As I'm sitting here, I've been trying to be really still to see if I can feel any flutters of movement from you.  I can't.  But I know I will soon, and I can't wait!

Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment and I can't wait to hear your heart beating again.  It's got to be the best sound in the world right now!

Well here I go, to do some dishes.  I have to accomplish something today.  But seriously, growing a baby, day in and day out...that's quite the accomplishment, right?!  I love you baby!!


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