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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Girls, Girls

Just browsing through some girl's names this morning.  Here's a few that I like.  (None have been run by John yet!)

  • Sadie
  • Reagan
  • Emma
  • Kate
  • Ellie
  • Lyla
  • Josephine
  • Charlotte?
For middle names I like either Hope or Faith, because I feel like hope and faith are the only things that got us through the past couple years.  Even when I felt like my faith was gone and there was no hope left! 

I don't particularly care for the meanings of the first names I like.  Kate means pure, but besides that, nothing great.  I'm trying to decide if that matters to me or not, since the middle names will have obvious meaning.  The names that mean something great...I don't care for the name.  :)

We've got a long road ahead if we have a girl!


harmonysong said...

Too many Emma's! I Love Reagan!

Genius said...

Chosing a name that your child will have is tough. What works good is going to the back door and yelling that name several times. This gives you an idea what it is going to sound like down the road. I never picked a name that was too different either so our children didn't feel "different" amongst friends.

Kristi said...

I agree with harmonysong there are too many Emma's around. I like Josephine or Ellie.

Lynn said...

That's my feeling about Emma we'll see. I love Josie as a nickname for Josephine. And I really like Reagan Faith. Good point Gene...I'm not a fan of super strange names. I already know John will work for a boy...I've yelled that enough times!!! :)

Lydia said...

I personally love names that I can shorten into nicknames. That said, I like Josephine and Charlotte.

Also, I saw Reagan and Kendall a couple months ago in CVS and they are huge! I was going to say hi but was pretty confident that they and their mom would not have any idea who I was.

Lynn said...

I always think of Reagan and Kendall...esp. when I think of using that name!! I bet they were huge...wish I could see them!

Lydia said...

they would probably remember you, lol.

I meant to tell people that I saw John Stoliker and his whole family the other night. He is in first grade, which blows my mind because the last time I saw him he was 2. Them I actually talked to because both his mom and I did a double take.
I like his sister's name, Christina, for a girl but that is probably too close to your sisters name

Lynn said...

Awww, John! Wow, I haven't seen him since he left! So he's the same age as Kaydence, she's in first too. I now officially feel old!

Jen McDade said...

I love the name Reagan! I have a sister-in-law named Regan who was actually named after her grandmother's maiden name. Great Irish name! :)

Lynn said...

I didn't even realize it's Irish..that would be fitting considering our St. Patty's Day due date!

Anonymous said...

We must have similar taste in names because I love all your picks, and my daughter's name is Ellie.
We were dead set on our girl name from day one for Ellie, and dead set on our boy name from day one for Jake. So maybe that means you are having a boy!

Lynn said...

That would be fine with me! Ellie is such a cute name!