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Monday, June 28, 2010

inside out

I wore my shirt inside out for half the day today.  You may think that would be an indicator of how my day went, but that's surprisingly not true.  My Monday was great.  It was the first official day of our summer program at work, and the first sprinkler day!  My kids all loved the water and we had a blast.

I just ate (for dinner) a small bag of Spicy Nacho Doritos.  I stumbled across them at a pizza shop last night and convinced John to buy them for me.  It seems they can only make that kind (my favorite kind) in small bags, then include them in multi-packs.  Frustrating.

My feet are up for the night.  Tomorrow is my day off, so I'll get chores done then.  I feel like I still need to recover from our weekend in Rochester!  I'll probably do some more photo editing tonight.  And maybe post some more pictures.  We'll see how ambitious I feel.

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