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Thursday, June 3, 2010

dream (basket) weaver

To understand the true significance of what I'm going to tell you, you'll need some background information.
  1. I never win anything.
  2. I love free stuff.  (Who doesn't?)
  3. My sisters and I were recently lamenting the fact that we have no baskets.  My Mom (and Mother-in-law, and other women their age) has all these baskets.  She uses them for bread, chips, pretty much anything.
So there I was, mourning the fact that I had no baskets, as well as the fact that I never win anything.  I was reading through some blogs and came across a giveaway.  Now, I've seen giveaways on blogs before.  Plenty of times.  But I never enter.  Well, I rarely enter.  I just never feel like I even have a chance of winning.

(Side note: this lack of entering could, just possibly, have a direct impact on my never winning anything.)

This contest, however, didn't have many people entered yet.  So I entered.  All I had to do was comment.  As many times as I wanted!  And comment I did.  Many times.  I lost track of how many times.  But I wanted to win!!

Well it just so happens that entering a contest gives you a better chance at winning!  And I won!  A $40 gift certificate to!  And this is what I bought!

I love my baskets, and I was so happy to get them this week!  A big thank you to Elizabeth over at!  I still can't believe that I won!!!



Anonymous said...


Lynn said...

I knew you would be. :)

Let'sMakeADifference said...

SO happy for you! The basket is beautiful!

harmonysong said...

WOOHOO!!! SO happy to read "your story"! Seriously, I was cracking up, laughing hysterically at all your comments! I think you had somewhere around 40 or so comments...if not more! Thanks for making my first giveaway super fun!!

Love the look of the baskets!! Dreams DO come true!!

:) :)

Daphne said...

Congrats! I saw your post on blogfrog and had to come over here to see what you won :) I love the baskets!!!!

Mom2three said...

Wow! What beautiful baskets! I saw your post on BlogFrog and had to see them myself. So many possibilities on what to use them for.