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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

stream of consciousness

It's a curly hair kind of day.  And I can't believe the high is only in the 60's.  Yuck.  But the weekend is supposed to be nice, and we have a graduation party to attend, so that's good.

We're taking a semi-impromptu vacation in a few weeks.  I say semi because we just booked it.  But we've been contemplating and considering for quite some time.  Now I have not very long to drop a little weight and fit nicely into my summer clothes.  We made a no-fast-food-till-after-the-trip pact last night.

There's a little black cat sitting on our front porch right now.  It sounded as if it fell off the roof, that's what made me look outside.  I thought maybe a branch had fallen.  But no, just a tiny little cat with big eyes.  I will not be sucked in.  I don't think Zoe would appreciate a cat in the house.

I worked on inventory in my classroom alllll day on Monday.  Not only did I get everything accounted for (11 full pages!) but I got things organized that hadn't been previously.  Such a nice feeling!  Now I have some household organizing to do.

John and I had the whole day off together yesterday and we had such a good day.  Nothing too high-stress.  We went for a couple drives, ate Jumpin' Jacks (this was before the pact!), visited my parents and Olivia and took a mini hike in the Plotterkill Preserve. 

Now, back to work.  For both of us.  I can't wait for vacation!!!

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