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Thursday, December 4, 2008


There's one sure sign that Christmas is on it's way, and that's the parade of snowmen appearing in our house. For the past several years I've been a snowman collector. I don't even know how it really started. I love snowmen. There are so many cute, unique snowmen things. Through the years it has (pardon the pun) snowballed. I don't even buy snowmen things for myself anymore because I have so many, and continue to receive them as gifts! It's hard to pass up all the cute snowmen stuff. So last night I began pulling the boxes out of the attic. Not an easy chore since I'm not supposed to be lifting. I despise having to pack away the "normal" house decorations and unpack all the Christmas stuff. It's such a nasty chore. But I love the house all decorated. :) Anyway, I started yesterday, and then kind of quit in the middle (well, maybe not quite to the middle yet.) I got tired. So tonight I'm blogging and procrastinating instead of picking it back up again. But I plan to put on some Christmas music and get to work as soon as I'm done here.

Today was, I think, my busiest day since the surgery. Granted, I didn't get up until about 9am, but I showered (then lounged around for awhile), got BK with John, visited my parents for awhile, got my hair cut (thanks Becky!!), bought some new jeans at Old Navy, 2 new Christmas CD's at Target, then visited my parents again. Phew. I'm glad I did all that...kind of made me feel like a normal person again. But now I'm sore. I guess I need to do a little more everyday to work my way back up to normal.

We STILL haven't gotten our Christmas tree. John's truck is still in the shop (that's a whole other looong, annoying insurance-run-around story) so we have no way to get one home. I thought about caving and just getting a fake one, but I want a real one!! And I know if we get a fake one, he'll never want to get a real one again. I think one of the Fire Departments in Rotterdam delivers trees, so maybe we'll do that this weekend. The house doesn't feel Christmas-y enough until the tree is up and decorated. I hope I can have the rest of the house done by the time we get the tree.

We've already gotten 2 Christmas cards. DARN you early-bird people who already make me feel behind! We have yet to take a picture for our Christmas cards, buy the cards, update the list, fill out the cards, address them, buy the stamps and mail them! Some tasks just seem overwhelming at times. Maybe I'll skip them this year. :) I go. Back to the snowmen. Maybe I'll post a few pictures when I'm done.

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