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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ice Ice Baby

Nothing like a little ice storm to welcome in winter in the great Northeast! Not that I'm complaining. There are definitely some benefits to me because of this nasty weather. School closed early, so I got out 2 hours before I normally would have. Therefore, John and I got to spend a couple hours together that we wouldn't have otherwise. He's now at a drill at the fire house. Another benefit, which hasn't happened yet, but I'm hoping does: SNOW DAY! Or atleast a delay. I'd be happy with either. :) I'm wearing my pj's backwards tonight. That's the surefire way to guarantee a snow day. :) Very scientific. Honestly, I'm assuming we'll just have a delay, but I'm hoping for the whole day off. (Watch, we won't even get a delay, with my luck.)

I actually braved this nastiness to go to Hannaford tonight. I wanted to get some water in case the power goes out, plus lots of baking stuff in case I have a snow day tomorrow (and the power is Of course the roads were horrible, but Hannaford is so close I wasn't too worried. The worst part of my whole trip (besides forgetting batteries) was the nasty parking lot. (Am I favoring the word nasty tonight?) Seriously, the parking lot was a pond. I took one step and my feet were soaked. Granted, I was just wearing sneakers, not boots, but still. How annoying. Wet, cold feet. I came home and took a nice hot shower. I also bought some neosporin at Hannaford, because one of my incisions is kind of infected. :( Nasty. It's red and hurts and it has some puss coming out of it. Ewie. So hopefully that will help.

There was a down side to us closing today. Our Christmas program was scheduled for 4pm. Now it's rescheduled for next Wednesday. I was anxious to have it over!! Now we have to stress about it for a few more days. Oh well.

Now I'm relaxing with Zoe. :) If you're reading this Thursday night...wear your pajamas backwards for me!

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