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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I have this incredible urge to blog, but nothing specific to blog about. A huge thank you, first of all, to everybody. All the caring thoughts, sensitive words and promises of prayer have meant so much to us. It's amazing to realize how much people really care. I know alot of people go through the loss of a baby very privately. That wasn't an option for us, as we'd already spilled the beans to anyone willing to listen. But because of the surgery, it wouldn't have been an option anyway. In a way, I think that's helped me. Everyone knows, and everyone is praying. That's what's sustaining us. There are definitely times when I just want to be alone and cry. Sometimes I don't answer the phone, because I don't feel like talking. But I am so grateful for the love everyone has shown us.

John went back to work yesterday, and I had a very productive day. I did laundry. That's pretty much all I did, but hey, I did something. I rested alot in between loads. :) Since John is working 12-hour shifts this week my Mom came to spend the evening with me yesterday. We just hung out and talked and watched Shrek the Halls and The Grinch. She brought me home made pea soup. Yummmm.

Today I ventured out for the first time by myself. It's been a week since I've driven! Weird. John had a special child he needed to buy Christmas gifts for, so I handled that. I also bought soap and toothpaste. I thought about buying ingredients to start Christmas baking, but I'm not up for that yet. I stopped at Subway and now I'm home to relax a little before I head to Sarah's house for dinner. Maybe tomorrow I'll get some more cleaning done. We'll see.

Life is slowly getting back to normal. More so once I finally go back to work. I'm assuming it won't feel totally normal for awhile. Thanks again to everyone for the prayers...keep 'em coming.

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