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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Five Months

I cannot believe my baby boy is 5 months old already!

He always sleeps 11 or 12 hours (straight) a night.  Some days he takes 4 1-hour naps.  Other days he takes 2 2-hour naps and a 1-hour.  It varies, but he sleeps well so I'm not too worried.  We've begun the process of de-swaddling.  He now sleeps with one arm out of his swaddle, and does fine.  Next we'll take the second arm out, but still wrap his body. swaddle!  I think he'll do just great without it.  JJ is now eating 5 times a day...nursing 3 times and getting a 6 oz. bottle twice.  I just wasn't making enough for him.  He also gets baby food and cereal twice a day!  We started at 4 months with cereal and veggies in the evening, and now at five months we're doing fruit and cereal in the morning too!  He really seems to love it!

JJ loves to play!  He spends lots of time on his play mat, in his exersaucer and on the bathroom floor.  (Don't ask me why, but he loves the bathroom floor and will play there while I get ready!)  He loves toys (and remotes, and the computer mouse, and phones!) and will reach out for them constantly.  He's so good now at picking things up and anything he picks up goes directly into his mouth!  He still loves tubby time, and his excema has really cleared up, so he gets one almost every night.

He's still a very happy boy...except for when his teeth are hurting him!  We are definitely in the throws of teething.  Orajel and Tylenol are our friends!  JJ will let out very high shrieky screams...and I know it's from his teeth.  His hands go in his mouth constanty, as well as anything else he can grab.  I feel bad for him, but he seems to be handling it pretty well.  I can see two little white teeth below the surface of his lower gums.  They're on their way!

No doctor's appointment this month, so we'll get the weight and height check at 6 months.  His personality is developing more and more everyday.  We love him more and more everyday.  And we can't imagine our lives without him!!

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