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Friday, August 5, 2011

A Day in the Life...

Wake up.  No alarm clock, that's no longer necessary.  Hopefully hit the coffee on and visit the bathroom before he's crying too loud.  Feed the munchkin and sip some coffee while I watch the news.

Burp the baby, change the diaper.  Tummy time!  Whoops, he flipped.  Tummy time again!  Whoops, flipped again.  Tummy time for the win!  Okay, have fun on your back then.  Giggling, babbling, playing with his plastic rings.

I do some dishes, hair-straightening, maybe some computer time. 

Fussy baby, how about your exersaucer?  Let's take a walk outside.  Will the jolly jumper work?  Okay, nap time.

Mommy time again.  Finish dishes, do some vacuuming, get dressed and as put together as possible.  Computer time and breakfast.

And he's up!  Feeding time, diaper time, then out the door we go.  Grocery store, cousin's house, Grammy & Grampy's...whatever the day has in store.  Back home in time to eat again and take another nap.

Mommy gets lunch.  A little relaxation time, as well as random chores: laundry, cleaning the bathroom, maybe I'll even make the bed. 

Nap time is over once again.  Feeding time, diaper time, maybe we'll take a walk.  More tummy time, more exersaucer, maybe he'll watch Baby Bach.  'Operation: Keep Baby Happy Till Bedtime' has commenced.  Eat again in there somewhere, then have some 'real' food, cereal and veggies.  Talk a walk.  Play with toys.  Take a tubby.  Eat and go to bed.

Mommy time again.  I get to take a shower, then have my 'sit and do nothing' time.  Catch up on blogs and facebook.  Watch some mindless TV.  Stay up too late, then get up and do it all over again the next day!



Kristi said...

Oh boy, so this is what my schedule is going to look like, with some added feedings during the night?

Lynn said...

Haha! Yup! Of course there are always the added bonuses...major spit ups, massive blow outs, dogs being a pest...never a dull moment! You'll love it! :)