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Friday, July 29, 2011

Flay Sighting!

Saratoga is always a fun time.  Good food, family & friends.  We had some nice weather on Wednesday, and JJ was a happy boy!  We didn't let him do any betting.  Maybe next year.

John is convinced it'll be easier to handle JJ next year at the track.  I disagree.  This led to us making a deal.  I took care of JJ this year, and he gets him next year.  John thinks a walking toddler will be easier than an infant you can just hold or put in the stroller.  I think he'll find I was right.  More on that next year.

Anyway, JJ did have a good time as evidenced by this picture.

Silly Mommy forgot his bib, so he drooled all over his clothes all day.  Oh well, no biggie.

And Mommy for sure had a good time when, near the end of the day, someone spotted Bobby Flay.  Wanting only to catch a glimpse, we searched out where he was sitting.  I was pretty happy just to see him.  But when a kind employee made this happen:

Well, that just totally made my day!  I smiled all the way home!!

And JJ's first star sighting made him happy too.  So happy he couldn't even look at the camera.  We'll have to work on his 'cheese' skills.

1 comment:

Rachel said...

JJ is so cute, and that is a bet I am sure you are going to win! Can I get in on that there bet!