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Monday, July 25, 2011

Four Months

JJ is still sleeping and eating like a champ!  Sometimes naps are a little shorter than I think they should be, but he usually goes 11-12 hours straight at night.  We're still swaddling him, as he still seems to like and want it.  I don't know when we'll stop.  Hopefully he'll let us know when he doesn't like it anymore!  He's been eating about every 3 hours during the day, sometimes longer if he's napping.  We'll be starting rice cereal sometime this week, and I also bought some peas and green beans.  I can't wait to start feeding him 'real' food...the way he eyes whatever we're eating, I definitely think he's ready for it!! 

At four months, JJ's been spending lots of time in his exersaucer.  He loves sitting up and looking at/grabbing at the toys.  He still loves his play mat, and still flips from belly to back.  Hasn't done back to belly yet.  Sometimes he likes the jolly jumper.  We've also borrowed my sisters bumbo seat, and he really likes that!  He's been grabbing toys, holding toys and bringing toys to his mouth for quite awhile now.  He absolutely loves sucking on his linking rings.  He has no desire to suck on his pacifier at all, but he loves sucking on the ribbon that attaches it to clothing.  Whatever makes him happy!

And speaking of happy...that boy has the best smile ever!  And he's laughing so much now!  He's very ticklish, and when I squeeze those chunky thighs I always get a laugh out of him!  All you have to do to make his face light up is smile at or talk to him.  Or tickle him!

JJ had his 4-month appointment today and he did well as can be expected when you get 3 shots!  He weighed 14 lbs. 12 oz. (50th percentile) and was 26 inches long (75th percentile).  In all honesty, I think the nurse measured wrong and he's 27 inches...but whatever.  I didn't want to correct her.

Tubby time is still a favorite time, but I've cut back on tubbies since he has a little excema.  We'll be getting some Aveeno for that.  JJ doesn't fall asleep easily when we're out, but he will fall asleep in the car, or sometimes in the Moby wrap.  He loves grabbing toys and chewing on them.  Sometimes his fingers are in his mouth, lots of times his taggy blanket is in his mouth.  He'll chew on a burp cloth if there's nothing else around.

JJ is still doing well at my parent's 2 days a week.  This past week he was with my sister since my parents were doing VBS.  I hate leaving him, but I'm so glad I can leave him with family!

At 4 months I could not possibly love my little boy any more.  But then I wake up tomorrow and love him even more.  :)  He truly completes our family and makes us happier than ever!!

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