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Monday, July 25, 2011


I have found my new, absolute favorite thing to bring to a cook-out.  Or a pot-luck.  Or a party.  Or pretty much anything I ever have the opportunity to attend.


Or, if you prefer it's more descriptive name, bean dip.  But crack is in reference to it's addictive properties.  And it's pretty darn accurate. 

I found this recipe on this blog, and it is just amazing.  I made a tiny slight change.  Here's what you do:

First of all, put 2.5 pounds of ground beef in a pan and cook it.  Drain, then add 2 packages of taco seasoning and finish according to package instructions.  (Add water, cook, done.)

In the meantime, get yourself an 11x14 pyrex dish, or something comparable.  Plop 3 packages of cream cheese into the bottom of the dish and spread them out.  It's nice if they've softened to room temperature, but you can do it with them cold as well.  You just have to work a little harder.

Open up 2 cans of refried beans and spread the beans out over the cream cheese.

Next, pour the cooked and seasoned beef down over the beans.  Empty a large jar of salsa on top, then kind of mix it together with the meat.  Sprinkle some mexican-type cheese on top and bake at 350 for 30 minutes.

Enjoy with tortilla chips!

As was discussed this evening, crack is pretty much a meal in and of itself.  Or you can get creative!  What would you serve this with??

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