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Monday, August 2, 2010

where I stand

Here's where I am right now: beyond elated.  My happiness is far exceeding any happiness I've experienced before. 

I'm also so sick.  My stomach is upset all day every day.  This morning I had the lovely joy of throwing up my toast before heading out the door to work.  Nothing I eat settles very well.  I'm to the point of almost being scared to eat anything.  Even water makes me nauseous.  I feel like my baby is getting no nutrition because I can barely eat!  Hopefully the prenatals are enough for now.

I got my first baby gift from Missy.  :)  An adorable white ducky outfit, a monkey/blankie combo (that is SO soft!) and a pair of blue socks.  The blue socks are for John, since he's really hoping for a boy!

I feel like we have so much to do before the baby comes.  And yes, I know we have quite a long time.  But we have lots to do!  Unfortunately I don't feel like doing I haven't been doing anything!  Once the 2nd trimester hits and I get some energy back, I'm hoping to tackle some major projects.

Have I mentioned how incredibly happy I am to be pregnant, sick and all?!  I am!  I look ahead to when I get to hold this baby in my arms, and I can't help but cry.  What an amazing blessing.  I can hardly believe it's true!

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