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Thursday, August 19, 2010

10 weeks, 1 day

This is a day in my pregnancy that I've been looking forward to so much.  Even more than I'm looking forward to the 2nd trimester!  This is the day in my last pregnancy that I started to miscarry.  Obviously, things are going much smoother this time, and I don't foresee any issues.  Still, this is a day I wanted to come (and go!) so that I can now, officially, be more pregnant than I've ever been.  :)

Things have not been easy lately.  I'm rationing my Zofran, and spending lots of days feeling sicker than I'd like to.  I'm hoping a couple more weeks will have me through the worst of it.  Especially because 2 weeks from yesterday, we'll be camping!

My house still suffers because of my lack of energy and my nausea, but I managed to do some dishes and laundry today.  Saturday I'll be getting my hair cut.  Baby steps to feeling normal.  :)

In the meantime I continue to nap when I can, eat whatever sounds palatable and spend lots of time on the couch.  I'm really excited to feel better and start working on the baby's room!  We've got a lot of clean up and decluttering to do!!


Sara said...

Congrats on reaching 10 weeks and 1 day! And have you looked into I did not try them when I was pregnant but I have heard great things about them!!!

harmonysong said...

Praying you sail through this difficult time quickly!!

D.E.B said...

I am so glad you made iit here tooo! So excited