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Saturday, August 7, 2010

How it Started

Do you want to hear the story of how I found out I was pregnant?  Well I'm gonna tell you anyway.  Because this is my blog and I can blog about what I want.  :)

First off, I really thought I was pregnant this go round.  So much so, that I started a scrapbook.  Before I even knew I was pregnant.  I kept telling myself it wasn't a good idea, because chances are I wouldn't end up pregnant.  But I started it anyway, with just generic things so that whenever I did end up pregnant, I could just fill it in. 

(I've been so sick that I haven't even touched the scrapbook since I found out I was pregnant!!  I'm hoping to today...)

So let's go back to July 3, 2010.  I got up pretty early because we were leaving for our (last vacation ever as just the 2 of us) cruise.  I took a pregnancy test that I'd bought online.  A cheapo test.  I thought I saw a vague shadow of a line.  Hmmm...  I knew it was still very early to be testing, but that little hint of a line gave me hope.  Until John couldn't see it.

I had horrible stomach issues all that morning, so much so that I couldn't imagine getting in a car and driving 3 hours to the port in NYC.  I got none of the housework done that I wanted to do before we left.  Thankfully I felt better by the time we had to leave, and I packed a few pregnancy tests, still hopeful and planning on testing Sunday, July 4, 2010, on the boat.

Fast forward to us making it onto the ship (after both lying on the form that asked if we had any intestinal issues in the past week or so.  I honestly thought mine might be from pregnancy, and John had had some colitis flare up...nothing contagious!)  We got into our room and got unpacked.  After exploring the ship (and eating a burrito) I decided to take a shower before dinner.  When I went into the bathroom I saw my pregnancy tests sitting there and couldn't help myself.  I knew it was too early to get a positive.  I knew it would be better to wait until the morning.  I also knew I wasn't going to wait.  :)  This time I used a digital Yes/No test.

I took the test and waited...and waited...and waited.  It took so long (supposedly 3 minutes, it felt like 3 hours!) that I was sure it would pop up "No".  But to my utter amazment and sheer joy, that little screen showed the word "Yes" it all it's glory!

I couldn't believe my eyes and I burst out of the bathroom into our stateroom, ran up to John and shoved the test in his face!  Needless to say, we were both ecstatic. 

The worst part was having to wait until we got home to tell our families!  We told them all as soon as we got home, but swore them to secrecy until we had a good ultrasound.

John asked me near the end of our vacation if the test was negative, would that have ruined my vacation?  I'm glad I don't even have to go there.  :) 

I have a precious little baby, about the size of a raspberry, growing well inside me right now.  I cry at everything, gag at everything, and can't wait to meet our little miracle.  I don't know if there has ever been a more prayed-for baby than ours.  I love you little Baby Nuz!


harmonysong said...

SOO exciting!! CONGRATS!!!

Danielle D said...

you made me cry reading your story..soo happy for you guys! Although I must say I know of a curly haired 2.5 year old southern princess that is probably a close tie on the "most prayed for baby" list :). HUGS!!! Praying for you guys! Keep blogging...LOVING reading it!

D.E.B said...

This is an awesome beginning to such a beautiful baby.... I honestly can't waiit to meet him or here. I reallly would love an invite to your baby shower! I am excited for you. When I found out on fb you were pregnant I litterally jumped up and down. Yes this baby has been prayed for and will be!!!congrats