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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Preggo stuff...

Tomorrow is my second doctor's appointment.  I've had one (good) appointment and one (good) ultrasound.  I've been pregnant twice before, but never made it to my second appointment.  Something bad has happened each time, before I get to enjoy the normalcy of doctor's appointments every 4 weeks.  I'm excited.

Monday I decided that I had had enough.  I never claimed to be superwoman.  As soon as I had that positive pregnancy test I called the hospital and told them to have the epidural ready in 8 months!  Just kidding.  But my point is, I'm no hero.  And Monday morning I called the doctor and said, "HELP!"  Many more words than that, but the end result was a prescription for Zofran and my tummy finally returning to a semi-normal state.  I couldn't even drink water, and I was dehydrated.  I'm not ashamed to admit, I couldn't handle it!  Working was almost impossible.  Now I feel sooooo much better.  I can eat, I can work, I have more energy.  Thank God for Zofran.

I still haven't continued work on my pregnancy scrapbook.  I'm hoping tomorrow, my day off, I'll be able to.  I want it to be up to date, but I need to print out a couple pictures first.

Is it bedtime yet?

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