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Thursday, February 25, 2010

think, think, think

Big party coming up this weekend.  I've got some stuff to make for it, and I'll be spending the day tomorrow and Saturday helping prepare.  Amy's coming home from San Diego!  So excited...hope the weather cooperates.  John's working many hours on a project that I just know is going to turn out well.  Caleb took his first steps one week ago today, during water therapy.  By himself.  I love my nephew.  Tonight I made (low fat) alfredo sauce with pasta and broccoli.  And it was really, honest to goodness low fat.  Not like when you say something is low fat, just to make someone feel better, even when you both know it's not.  Not like that.  This really was.  And it's delicious.  (Another) one of John's favorites.  There are leftovers...maybe my lunch tomorrow?

We have a funeral to attend next week.  I'm actually kind of dreading it because I know it's going to be sad.  Twelve years on this earth is just too few.  I'm praying that God will continue to use Tyler's life, as well as his family's to point people to Jesus.

Zoe's been such a good girl lately.  I think the spray bottle by the door is helping.  Or maybe it's just because we haven't left her overnight for awhile.  I'm dreading what will happen on our next vacation.  Whenever that may be.  Nothing in the works.  My brother and his family are going on a cruise next month.  I want to go.  No more big vacations for us until we have a BABY!

I'm so thankful this week for a garage to park in.  For a gracious father-in-law who snowblows our driveway.  For a hubby who fills my car with gas (and lets me be the one to park in the garage!)  For my warm house.  For food, clothes and a loving family.  For my health.

My eyelids are drooping and I've got a long weekend ahead of me. 

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