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Monday, February 8, 2010

Birthday Boy!

Unbelievably, my oldest nephew turned three yesterday.  Three!  It's so hard to believe it was three years ago that he was born!  He's an amazing boy with an amazing love for was displayed through his Thomas themed birthday party!  Thomas cake, Thomas balloons, Thomas goodie bags, Thomas plates, Thomas napkins, Thomas cups...and lots of Thomas presents!  A happier boy you couldn't find yesterday.  Except maybe Drew Brees.

After he opened each present he would say "Thank you ______" to whomever had given him the gift (with a little prodding from Mom).  :)  After he was done opening gifts, he stood at one end of the room and said, "Thank you everyone!"  Soooo cute.

Caleb loved the train conductor hat and scarf Uncle John picked out for him.  It also came with a train whistle that he loved!

Caleb was a little too busy playing with trains to smile too long for a picture, and my camera is slow, so that's why he's not looking in the pictures!

And here's a shot of Grammy reading with Zachary.  One of the only brief moments he was sitting still at the party!  Nothing (including a full arm cast!) slows this boy down.

Happy Birthday Caleb!  You are a very blessed little boy, with so many people who love you so much.  Enjoy being three years old!

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