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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sunny Saturday

So facebook is new.  And I don't know if it's the 'newness' or what, but it's running incredibly slow.  Will that stop me from using it?  Of course not. 

Zoe has been exhibiting some more odd behavior lately.  More scratching at the fridge.  Thursday night she woke me out of a dead sleep by shoving her nose at me.  There was nothing wrong, she had been out, she had plenty of water.  So I (after checking her H2O)  yelled at her to platz, which she did, and then I went back to sleep.  Apparently she did the same thing to John Friday morning after I'd left for work.  We think maybe she was mildly traumatized by our trip to NYC a couple weeks ago.  I really hope we don't have to crate her again.

I thought I was being stalked last night.  After picking up my dinner at Subway, I walked out and this guy held the door for me.  I noticed him, because he was wearing a really ugly from the 80's!  I drove to Hannaford to pick up some ice cream for John.  I parked and started walking into the store when I turned around and the same exact guy was walking behind me into Hannaford.  I freaked a little.  I got the ice cream (and some Cadbury Eggs) and went quickly to the check out, keeping my eyes peeled.  He pushed a cart into the store, all the way down the front to the bathroom, then went into the bathroom.  He didn't come out while I was checking out, so I figured I was safe.  I got his license plate number (okay, that's a little overboard, I know).  As I was driving out of the plaza I saw a cop driving through and thought, well atleast if I had needed help, they were right there!  I made sure no one was following me before I turned into our driveway.  :)  I was stalked at college once and I totally freak out about stuff like that!!

John and I have the whole day to do whatever today.  He's still asleep because he has a cold and took NyQuil last night.  So I'm going to go try and pry him out of bed.  Tonight is Carman's annual banquet, so that should be fun.  Hopefully some good food, and hopefully some good fun. 

Superbowl tomorrow...I'm going to try out a new recipe to take to the party we're going to.  I'll probably do a post about it!

I'm still planning on going private with my blog, but haven't had the chunk of time I need to do it all.  I've hardly had time to blog lately!  (And when I have had the time, I've been too tired and lazy to do it!)

I've been going back and forth and back and forth (and back and forth!) emotionally lately.  You think I'd be more stable by now.  But I can cry at the drop of a hat.  I'm trying to be patient where I am, and trust God's plan.  I'm really trying.  But it's very hard sometimes. 

Well since there's always cleaning and laundry to do...I'm going to go do some.

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