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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Friday Night Lights

I've gotta say my Friday afternoon started out great when I got out of work a 1/2 hour early. That almost NEVER happens! And since I got out early, I could drive home and go with John to the church softball game instead of driving and meeting him there! Yay! Trinity did an awesome job and played really well. They usually do! But it seems we always have one inning where we 'beat ourselves' as John says. By making errors, throwing the ball around, etc. The other team was winning for a little while, and when we got up in the top of the 7th (we only play 7 innings) the score was 15-12, them. Well we scored 5 runs! So we were up 17-15! The other team got up, bottom of the 7th, and we got 1 out....awesome! But then the next batter hit a home run. Not good. Now we're only up by one run. But then.....2 more outs! Trinity won the game 17-16! This was their first win of the year, and they SO deserve it. Way to go guys!! You earned your win!

After the game, and some food at 99, we headed to Tyler DeMarco's game. Tyler is a 12-year old boy who is bravely battling cancer. Tyler was asked to play on his brother's Babe Ruth team last night! So he got to play under the lights, with his big brother, and did an awesome job!! We were there for about an hour, long enough to hear his brother and team chant his name every time he was at bat, long enough to see the many people out in support of him, long enough to see them donate the whole 50/50 raffle to him, long enough to see the whole team come out and carry him back to the dugout on their shoulders. It all brought tears to my eyes, and I left the ballpark upset, sad and not understanding. I know that God's plans are not our plans. But sometimes it's just SO hard to understand. My God is a god of miracles, and I'm praying for a miracle for Tyler. Please join me in praying for him and his family as they go through this immense time of tribulation in their life. God IS shining through and making himself real to them. I pray that they will find the right course of treatment that will heal Tyler!

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