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Monday, February 16, 2009

Time to get serious

So this is my week. My week to start, anyway. Lately, all I eat is JUNK. John has been working 2nd shift, which means he's not home for dinner. And I'm not one to cook dinner just for myself. So either I get Subway, or I eat chips and chocolate. Healthy, I know. Even the Subway isn't healthy because I get the Spicy Italian sub which is loaded with salami and pepperoni. Yesterday I made a plan. I wanted to make a couple meals that John and I could use as our dinners throughout this week. That way he doesn't have to buy dinner, and I don't have to eat junk.

So yesterday I shopped for what I needed. I decided to make Baked Ziti (with lowfat ricotta and lowfat mozzarella) and Chicken, Penne & Broccoli with Lowfat (homemade) Alfredo. Healthy meals! While shopping I decided I needed to eat better during the days too. I can have lunch at work, but it's not always that healthy. But I can always get a salad. So for breakfast I got bananas and whole-wheat waffles. For lunch I got yogurt (and I'll have salad from work.) Then I bought a couple 100 Calorie Packs: Cheese Nips and some cookies. I'll have one a day in the afternoon when I really need a snack.

Today was a work! So I had a banana and a cheese stick around 11. Then I didn't eat anything else because we were going out to eat. I know, I know, what an awful day to start a semi-diet. But better now than never. So we went to an Italian Buffet tonight which was AWESOME. Tomorrow will be my real start.

I made our meals today, and they're all in tupperware, ready for John to take to work, and me to eat here at home for dinner. I'm hoping I can keep up with my ambitious plans to eat better. I really need to get healthy. And when I do get pregnant again, I want to already be on a good track.

We also did lots of cleaning today. We have a spare bedroom on our main floor that is an 'overflow' room. Unfortunately, it's been overflowing for quite some time. So we went through tons of stuff. I found all the cards from, first: when we were pregnant and, second: when we lost the baby. I started crying as I read through them all again. Then I found the baby gifts my sisters had given to me. I kept on crying. Many times now I can think of my baby and not get upset and not cry. But for some reason today it just hurt so much. A friend of mine just recently had a miscarriage. My heart hurts for her, and it seems to bring back the pain from when I went through that. Someday, soon, I hope I'm pregnant again.

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