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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm bad, I'm bad, I know it!

I do SO well yesterday. I only ate what I intended to at work. Then I had my good dinner that I'd made Monday. YUMMY chicken & broccoli alfredo with penne pasta. Unfortunately, I ate a bunch of mini reeses peanut butter cups after dinner. Then today at work I ate well again, but then we had devotions, with something special because of Valentine's Day - lots of yummy stuff with a chocolate fountain!! Of course I couldn't say no to that! There is nothing better than chocolate covered strawberries!! I figure as long as I'm trying to be healthy, it's better than before when I just didn't care! :)

On a very sad note...a great man died this week. I knew Tom from church. He died suddenly a couple days ago. I feel like it still hasn't sunk in. He has a son and daughter around my age. He has a little grandson. It's very shocking, and I'm sure his family is still trying to comprehend it all. Pray for them if you think of it.

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