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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Say It Ain't So!

I cannot believe that today is Caleb's 2nd Birthday! It definitely doesn't seem like it's been 2 years since he was born. My darling Caleb is such a sweetheart. He's so smart, so sweet and so adorable! And what a trooper with all his doctor's appointments and tests. He's just the best! I was thrilled to receive the following picture from my brother yesterday. He wrote in the email that they took the boys to Sears for pictures, and look what Caleb did!

Just seeing him standing is such an answer to prayer! I know that there are SO many people praying for Caleb. People that we don't even know are praying for him. It's amazing to me how awesome God's family is. And we're seeing the results right here! Please continue to pray for him. We're praying that the latest test they did will come back negative. We're also praying every day for continued strenth for Caleb. That his muscles will grow stronger every day. I pray every day that he will walk. And he's getting closer!!

So, Happy Birthday Caleb! Aunt Lynn is so proud of you and all your hard work. I love you so much and can't wait to see you take your first steps!!

1 comment:

Kristen said...

Wow, this picture just speaks volumes to how God is working in his little life! Thanks for posting this.