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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I seem to only blog on my days off

For anyone who's interested, you can read all Caleb's updates on his carepage. The webpage is You just have to make an account, if you've never used carepages before. Then you can see all the updates, comments and pictures.

Today is my day off this week. And BOY do I need it! We had a move up this week and I got a few new kids. I also lost a few kids. I'm really happy with my class. They seem pretty calm so far, and everyone is getting along. BUT things are stressful besides that. Some days/weeks/months parents just make me feel like crap. Never mind that I'm taking care of their kids all day, working hard to make everyone happy. Some parents just seem very ungrateful and blame me for stuff that is not my fault. Do you ever notice how some people just HAVE to have something to be upset about? It seems they're not happy unless there's something to complain about. Let me tell you...when you're taking care of that person's child, it makes YOUR life miserable. But that's enough of that.

Today I'm taking care of the BEST kids...Caleb & Zach. I asked Dave if they needed some alone time, or whatever, because I have the day off and I miss the boys!! I can't wait to see them. I'll take some pictures to post. (of course)

John is on second shift for a couple weeks now. Second shift is the WORST shift. I hate it. I work 7:15am to 5:30pm. Usually John works 7am-3pm. Works out great! But on 2nd he works 3pm-11pm. Plus it takes atleast a half hour for him to get home. So when he works 2nd, we don't see each other. Hopefully he'll be off this shift soon. He's just covering for someone who's out because of an injury.

Well, time for my second cup of coffee. Plus I have a little cleaning to do before the boys come over. Better get moving!

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