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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Eight Months

JJ is still eating 4 times a day.  Sadly, we're done nursing.  I'll admit, it is a little nice to be done, but I was sad at first when I realized it was really over.  :)  JJ eats 6 oz at 8am, then has fruit, 8 oz at 12pm, 6 oz at 4pm, then veggies/meat and fruit, and 8 oz at 7:30pm.  Lately he has tried stuffing, Aunt Christine's sweet potato praline and ice cream.  He likes it all!

JJ is in bed from 8pm-8am (unless I'm working, then he's up at 6:30).  Sometimes he's awake at 7:30, but he stays in bed until 8.  He hasn't been sleeping on his tummy at all lately, but he has been using his binky!  He loves his binky now.  When we're home he naps from 10-12 and from 2-4.  Even with teething going on he still sleeps soooo well.

He still loves to sit or lay and play for long periods at a time.  He rolls all around the living room, or just stays by his toy bin and pulls everything out.  He got a hand-me-down farm from his cousins and he loves it!!  He really likes all his toys and John says he has a good imagination to sit and play so long.

this post was never finished.  i hesitate to try and finish it now, one month later, at the risk of getting things wrong.  my sincerest apologies to my little man for neglecting to document this milestone!  :)  but you may as well enjoy the picture...


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