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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


First real temper tantrum occured tonight!!  (I'm not as excited as the exclamation points would indicate.)  It was cute, it really was, but I know it won't be cuter as time goes by.  He wanted to touch the tub plug that was on the side of the bathtub.  I told him no, and he didn't touch it.  Then he reached to touch it again.  I sternly said, "JJ, no."  He pulled his hand away, then proceeded to cry like a little baby.  (Yes, I know, he is a little baby.)  Then he kicked his feet in the water, just to let me know exactly how upset he was.  He kept looking back at the tub plug, then crying harder.  Seriously, the most pathetic, funny and possibly scary glimpse into the future I've had thus far.

And he fell asleep tonight while I was feeding him.  First time he's done that in a long time!  So of course I lifted him up to my shoulder and laid on the couch with him like that for quite awhile.  I'm definitely a fan of putting him to bed when he's awake, in his own crib.  But I'm also a fan of enjoying those little moments that are gone before you even know it. 

Oh yeah.  Exactly 8 months ago I was in labor.  Massive labor.  Can't believe how long it's been, and that tomorrow my little man will be 8 months old!  Time to take a new picture and write a monthly update!

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