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Friday, December 23, 2011

what? i have a blog?

I could blame, blame, blame, but truth is, I think of blogging and just don't.  When I just signed on here I found JJ's 8 month post waiting to be finished and published.  Today he turns 9 months.  Shame on me.

There's been lots of changes going on over here.  Work, automobile, baby changes.  I'll save the baby changes for JJ's 9 month post, which I promise to get to.  As for the other changes?

John should be starting his new (working days, weekends and holidays off!) job by the end of January.  We could not be more excited!  His crazy shifts never bothered us too much before, but now that JJ's around a more normal schedule will be most welcome. 

We sold my Toyota.  *sniff, sniff*  It was time.  I loved that car so much, but with John driving a Chief vehicle for another year, plus having the Jeep, it didn't make sense to keep it.  Logistically or financially.  (Note to self: stop forgetting to cancel the car on the insurance!!)

My past month at work has been busy.  Christmas Programs, staff party (which resulted in JJ's first sleepover at Grammy & Grampy's) and just keeping up with my regular stuff.  I love what I do there and I'm blessed with an amazing place to work.

JJ and I spent Thanksgiving in Indian Lake because John had to work.  We had lots of fun!  It was a whirlwind 24 hour trip, but he was a trooper.  It was nice to be in Indian Lake for Thanksgiving again, I hadn't been there in 5 years (for Thanksgiving...I've been there for other things)!

Our days and weeks fly by.  I'm soaking in every minute with my little man and I'm so thankful to be able to be a part of so many special moments with him.  While wrapping Christmas presents I had to choke back tears when I filled out a tag that said, "To JJ, Love, Mommy & Daddy."  When I think of how blessed we are with makes me so happy it hurts.  I'm so excited to experience his first Christmas with him.  Every day with him is a blessing I don't take for granted.  I wish everyone got to see what a happy, adorable, playful boy he is all the time.

Okay...I'll be back either later tonight or tomorrow with a 9-month update.  I promise.  Until then I have London Broil to broil and potatoes to cook and mash. 

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