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Monday, December 26, 2011

Nine Months

JJ's still on his same eating schedule.  The only differences are the new foods he eats!  Pretty much anything I'm eating that I think he might like, I let him try.  He loooooves mashed potatoes and rolls (he is his father's son).  He's tried tons of things, and he likes them all.  He really enjoyed feeding himself mashed potatoes the other night.  What a mess!  And what fun!  :)

Nothing really new here.  He's still a great sleeper.  Sometimes his naps are a little shorter than others, but he'll just hang out in his crib if he wakes up early.  Such a great kid.  A few times lately, though, he's woken up from his nap too early, so he's still really tired, but he sits up and then instead of laying back down he just cries and cries.  I go in, lay him down and give him his binky, and he almost always goes right back to sleep.

JJ still loves to play.  He has tons of toys (even more now, since he was so blessed at Christmas!) and he loves to sit and play.  However, now that he's mobile (more on that below!) he only wants to play with things that aren't toys.  Like computer cords.  And Daddy's papers.  And basically anything that's not meant for him!  :)  He's learning what no means, and we're doing a lot of redirecting!  He loves to play with tupperware on the kitchen floor while I'm doing dishes or cooking, so that helps me get things done!

We have a CRAWLER on our hands!  One day he started moving forward, and he hasn't looked back since!  He doesn't seem too interested in trying to walk, but he does love to stand by things.  He pulls himself up to his knees.  Only once have I seen him attempt to get up to his feet, but he gave that up quickly.  :)  He tried to pull himself up by a dining room chair and it tipped over and landed on him.  :(  Poor baby.  He cried, but some hugs and kisses from Mommy helped him feel better.  He feeds himself all kinds of things now, he claps his hands, he makes all kinds of silly faces and he sounds like he's trying to sing.  He is SUCH a happy boy, always smiling and laughing.  We have so much fun with him.  I've honestly enjoyed every stage with him, but John is really enjoying this stage.  :)  Oh, we now have 4 teeth!  And he is never cranky!!  Just extra droolly, and then the teeth appear!

His 9-month appointment isn't until after the New Year, so I'll update back here with his stats after that.  He's been healthy and happy, I couldn't ask for anything more!  **UPDATE** At 9.5 months JJ weight in at 20 lbs and 3 oz, and was 28 and 3/4 inches.  My perfectly average boy, 50th percentile for both!  (Also may have some signs of allergies.  Watching that.)


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