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Saturday, October 1, 2011


Here's a nice look at JJ's bald spot!  This setup right here is what allows me to cook dinner most nights.  Him in the exersaucer with Baby Bach on.  Sometimes he ignores the TV, sometimes he watches it, but he's almost always quiet for about a half hour.  Score!

Notice how I lined his toys up so nicely.  I laid him on his belly facing his toys.  He, however, preferred to make his way over the the cable and internet boxes and kick them.

These next 2 pictures are so funny...I put his basket of toys next to him while he was sitting up and playing.  He would pull things out, one at a time, look them over a bit, then toss them and go digging for something else.  He made a mess!  It was so cute!

And just because he's adorable, here are a couple more!

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