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Friday, October 14, 2011


About 15 minutes before JJ was due to wake up from his afternoon nap, inspiration struck.  I was reading one of my current favorite blogs, and I suddenly had the desire to redo our kitchen.  Not a massive redo, mind you.  We do NOT have the funds for that right now!  But we had wallpaper on one wall that just had to go.  Why now, when our kitchen has been the same (literally, untouched) for 5 years?  I don't know.  I also don't know why we haven't done anything sooner.  But it's time.

It didn't take long for this

To become this

I tried not to have an anxiety attack when I realized how bad the wall is behind that wallpaper.  And speaking of wallpaper, it came off pretty easy!

I just soaked it with a sponge and pulled slowly.  And speaking of wallpaper again, these people were meticulous.

Do people really do this?  This piece over-lapped another one...and that flower just laid on top of a duplicate.  But someone had fun cutting it out.

The fun has just begun.  I made myself a list ala Young House Love so here it is, mainly for my own reference.

  • peel wallpaper
  • remove nails, etc.
  • vacuum ceiling
  • wash walls, molding, door frames, baseboards
  • spackle and sand walls
  • re-home toaster and pot holders from top of fridge
  • paint ceiling
  • light fixture (new?)
  • paint molding, door frames, baseboards
  • figure out paint color for bricks; paint them
  • figure out back splash and exhaust fan
  • pick wall color(s)
  • prime walls
  • paint walls
  • paint kitchen and stairs doors
  • paint glass cabinet
  • paint microwave cabinet
  • new hardware for microwave cabinet
  • paint radiator cover
  • find/buy/make curtains
  • figure out decorating (pictures/art/etc)
  • new hook for dog leash
Just looking at this list makes me tired.  But I'm excited to see some progress, and I'm really excited when I envision the finished product.  I'll update as I go along, and hopefully it won't take me forever to accomplish!


Joe and Jen said...

I love that blog too! :)

Lynn said...

I just wish I had the time/money/creativity to do even a smidgen of what they do! And I wish I was friends with them, they seem pretty awesome. :)