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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Don't Forget

JJ loves to blow raspberries.  He also sticks his tongue out and does this weird sucking thing with it against his upper lip...I think because he's teething.

He is enamored with my hair.  If I'm leaning towards him and my hair is hanging down, he stares at it with this look of awe, then gently lets it run through his hand.  Today, he started pulling.  It was sweet.  :)

The scream.  Oh, the scream.  Some days are worse than others.  It's this ear-piercing scream that is close to shattering glass.  No joke.  I try ignoring.  I try a firm 'no'.  Someday he'll stop.  Right?

He loves his mesh feeder.  Current favorite filling?  Grapes.  I halve them, then stuff as many in as I can.  Great way to occupy my little screamer for a few minutes!

JJ is so close to the pincer grasp!  Once he masters it, he'll be able to feed himself puffs, little bits of banana and pretty much anything else I put on his tray.  Not wishing time away...but can't wait for this!

After he finishes nursing or a bottle he lays there and goes "ba ba ba ba..."  He has the cutest little voice.

Being on our bed is his favorite thing!  Especially if we're both there with him.  It's like it's a special treat or something, he gets this huge grin on his face and his legs start going!

Nothing makes his smile quite so big as the sound of his Daddy's voice.

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