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Thursday, October 13, 2011

one hour

I worked late tonight.

Okay, late for me means that I get home at 6:00.  But John was working and couldn't pick JJ up at his normal 4:00 pickup time, so my poor parents had JJ allll day.  (They're the best.)

Six o'clock means I get one hour with JJ before our bedtime routine starts.  One hour is not a lot.

When I got to my parents, JJ and Grampy were waiting outside for me.  I grabbed that little boy and didn't let go.  I hung out while my parents ate a quick dinner, just because I didn't want to let go of JJ to put him in his car seat.  It was a long day of missing him.

After about 20 minutes of hugging and snuggling I figured I'd better get going.  I talked and sang to JJ all the way home and he babbled back to me.  I love his babbles.  We got into the house with all our stuff (it takes a lot of stuff for Bubba and me to be gone for the day!) and I pulled him right out of that car seat. We let Zoe out and spent a few minutes outside.

For the next 25 minutes or so, JJ and I played on the floor.  He played with toys.  I tickled him.  He giggled.  He played with my hair.  He pushed things out of his way to get what he wanted.  I talked to him and asked him questions.  He babbled on and on.  (Did I mention that I love his babbles??)

All too soon, 7:00 was upon us.  Tubby water was started.  Baby boy was scooped up off the floor and de-robed for tubby time.  Splashing, squirting and sudsing ensued.  (I think I just made up the word sudsing.)  He got dried off, lotioned up and pj'd.  I combed his hair and then he fell asleep while I fed him.

He woke up and made funny little sounds while staring at me.  I just enjoyed holding him for awhile.  Once I realized a burp was not in the cards, we headed for his room.  I got him zipped into his sleep sack, wound up his mobile and told him I loved him.  Goodnight Sweetheart.

And now I sit here, knowing we made the most of our time, but wishing that there had been more of it.  Tomorrow.  Tomorrow there will be more time.  More time for kisses, more time for playing, more time for laughing, tickling and babbling.  Until then.

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