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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I love this boy!

Who would have thought such a small little person could change my life in so many ways?

Sometimes, late at night, when I'm enjoying my time alone, I miss this adorable face.  And I'm almost (I said almost!) tempted to go wake him up just so I can snuggle his neck and kiss his cheeks.  I don't wake him up.  I'm not that crazy.  But it is crazy how I can miss him when he's just sleeping in the other room!

I love laying in my bed in the morning, listening to him babble through the monitor.  He always wakes up so happy, and he's content to lay in his bed for quite awhile...usually long enough for me to finish (or nearly finish) a cup of coffee.  Then I can't help it anymore and I have to run in and scoop him up.  Because there is just no resisting this boy!

He's made me prioritize a little better.  Or at least try to!  I thought getting things done before was difficult.  I'm a procrastinator through and through...and housework is not my favorite.  But I'm trying to be better, and his new-found rolling independence makes that easier, because he stays happier for longer when he's playing.

The things that used to be important to me just aren't any more.  He has really become my priority in every way.  He makes me want to be a better wife, mother and person.  I now see things I do and say as if in a mirror...and I think, would I want JJ doing or saying that?  I've never prayed for anymore more than I pray for him.

And while not all the changes have been easy in the past (almost) 6 months, they've all been so worth it!  I would give up anything for this boy, and I thank God every day for giving us such a precious gift!

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