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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Don't forget!

The other day when I was getting JJ dressed I rolled up his onesie in my hands so I could pull it down over his head.  As I brought it closer to him, he scrunched up his nose and squinted his eyes, preparing himself for the squishing to come.  How funny!  I had never noticed him do that before!

When JJ needs to fall asleep in the car now, he rarely cries.  (He used to scream bloody murder!)  Now he just talks and sings himself to sleep.  It's so sweet.

I just laid JJ down for his first nap without any swaddle.  A little bit of crying, but so far so good!

The way JJ looks and laughs at Zoe is so funny.  He can be in a grumpy mood, but as soon as Zoe walks by he gets distracted by her and starts laughing at her. 

JJ is such a little flirt!  He loves to smile at people, especially when they're talking to him.  Then he turns and buries his head in my shoulder, like he's pretending to be shy.

Squirt toys are his (and my!) new favorite at tubby time.  He likes to be squirted, and he especially likes when the last of the water is squeezed out of the little fish and it makes a spitting noise.  Biggest belly laugh ever!

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