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Saturday, September 17, 2011

bread & soap

Lately, the things that have been trending in the blogs and facebooks I most frequent, are bread and soap.  More specifically, baking homemade bread and making homemade laundry soap.

First off, let me say that my idea of baking homemade bread is throwing all the ingredients in the breadmaker.  And while making laundry detergent has piqued my interest, I'll admit it's most likely one of those cool-sounding things that I'll never get around to.

But I have more to say about it than that.

In an article on Josh Harris' website, there's a phrase that Tiffany pulled out and it really resonated with me:

"A friend of mine, a homeschool mom, just passed away of cancer. In the week before she died, I asked her if she had any regrets in her life. She told me she wished she had baked less bread - she said if she had it to do over again she would buy bread and spend more time with her children."

Let's face it.  Bread and soap are two necessities in our lives.  And most definitely God has called us to be good stewards of the money He has entrusted us with.  But at the expense of our children and family?  I don't think so.

Is saving a few pennies (or, maybe more than a few) worth the time not spent with your kids?

I think it's important to point out that bread and soap are just 2 of the things that could steal family time while clothed in a robe of stewardship, savings and health.  Making bread and soap are definitely not bad things.  They're definitely things I've considered doing!  Making bread and soap does not make you a bad person.  But if you've valuing those types of things over your family's more vital needs, whether physical, emotional or spiritual, you may just be making the wrong choice.

What else is taking the time that you should be giving to your family?  Keeping an immaculate house when a clean house will suffice?  Service to your church when your family needs you more at this point in time?  Placing too much emphasis on your job/work? 

All good things have the potential to be the 'bread & soap' in this scenario.  I'm asking God to help me reevaluate my life and show me the 'bread & soap' that are most definitely good things, but things that shouldn't have quite so much of my focus at this point in time. 

There will always be time to make bread later.  Right now, I'd rather be playing with my baby.


Susan said...

Hi Lynn! I agree totally with everything that you said!! We don't have children yet, but I can totally relate. It is fun to make your own products, bake most of the baked good your family consumes and grow your own veggies and herbs. But for me sometimes it goes past fun into making me stressed out and anxious. That anxiety can make it harder to sit quietly and enjoy time with my hubby or to be still enough to really enjoy my quiet time with the Lord. Definitely some things to think about.

Lynn said...

Anything can take your focus off of where it should be, even really good things! Refocusing and reprioritizing are helping me right now! :)

Kristi said...

Great post Lynn.

Lynn said...

Thanks Kristi! Hope you're feeling well. :)