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Thursday, February 24, 2011

It was the best of times; It was the worst of times.

No doubt, this pregnancy has been one of the absolute best times of my life.

No doubt, this pregnancy has brought about (and will continue to bring about...) some of the worst times of my life.  Maybe that's a little dramatic, but I'm sticking with the catchy title and attempting to make it fit.  :)

So as I sit here, with my laptop not fitting as nicely on my shrinking lap as it once did, I'm reminded of good and bad experiences; neither of which I would change for a second!

There's definitely lots of best times:
  • finding out I was pregnant on the cruise
  • telling our families!
  • posting my ultrasound picture on facebook...that was so exciting!!
  • actually having a good ultrasound to post about
  • finding out it was a BOY
  • two words: gender party!
  • special pregnancy treatment.  I'm not goona lie, I love it.
  • eating whatever I want
  • feeling and seeing my baby move
  • my baby shower (which I have yet to post about...whoops!)
And of course there's been a fair share of worst times:
  • pregnancy sickness.  Lots of it.  For 20 long weeks.
  • no cold cuts :(
  • worry, worry and more worry
  • hormones!
  • the same questions, over and over
  • the same advice, over and over (unsolicited!)
  • two (horrendous) words: acid reflux
  • unsatisfied cravings (when the heck is Jumpin' Jacks opening?!)
  • aches, pains and stretching
I could really go on and on...especially in the 'good' category.  I know that I've been so incredibly blessed with this little one.  There's still a part of me that won't really believe this baby is coming home with us until he's actually here, in my arms.  But I would take every bit of sickness and reflux multiplied by a million if that's what it would take to have this baby.

And I'm well aware that the very best (and the very worst!) is yet to come.  I'm a little bit nervous.  A little bit afraid.  And a lot excited.

It's been the best of times.  It's been the worst of times.  And I can't wait to spend the rest of my time loving on our little man!  Can't wait to meet you, JJ!

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Lydia said...

Lynn, I found this post really moving and felt compelled to tell you. I am so absolutely happy and excited for you and I cannot wait to see you beautiful baby boy (definitely will be because lets face it he has good genes). I can not wait to see how happy actually having your baby in you arms instead of your belly will make you. Although, I will miss the pregger belly and my kids reacting to it.