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Sunday, January 9, 2011


So I love feeling my baby move.  It is, honestly, the most amazing, best feeling ever.

I still want to catch some of it on video, but he doesn't cooperate very well.

The only thing that's annoying is almost every time he moves, it makes me have to pee so bad.  I think I've been in the bathroom 20 times today.  And tomorrow I'm stuck in a classroom at work all day.  That is not going to be fun!

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ChristineH said...

Isn't it the best when you feel the baby move. Sometimes it sucks when it makes you run to the bathroom but it is the best feeling in the world. I am glad to hear that everything is going well you are in my prayers, we all can't wait until he gets hear. Before you know it he will be here so enjoy this time before he gets here.