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Saturday, October 23, 2010

It's a...

In case you're living under a rock. 

Or, ya know, aren't my friend on facebook...

Here is the answer you've been waiting for!

Yes, it's true, we're having a BOY!!!

It was so much fun to announce it this way!  I hope other people do this, because I want to be able to go to a gender party!!

At our ultrasound we got to see our babies boy's 4-chamber heart, 2 sides of  his brain, arm and leg bones, and, of course, boy parts!

He was 12 oz. and his heart was going either 149 or 147 bpm...I can't remember!! 

He was a wiggler, and she had trouble getting some head measurements because he kept moving!  I didn't mention to the ultrasound tech that I had just guzzled orange juice to assure an active baby.  I was afraid he'd be too modest and we wouldn't find out the gender!!

I have pictures I need to scan.  Unfortunately, she wouldn't print out the boy parts picture.  She said she couldn't, wasn't allowed to.  I was upset about that, and I don't understand why...but believe me!  We saw it with our own eyes!!


harmonysong said...

A BOY!!! SO EXCITING!!! Congrats!!

Love the orange juice plan!!

BTW, running another giveaway soon from the same place!

Sara said...

Woohoo Congrats on the Little Boy!!!