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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Profitable Part-of-a-Day

Today was my day off. John is away at the fire academy for a few days. I woke up early (after staying up late to see the Yankees win!) I ran some errands. I've been holding on to a Colonie Center gift card for almost a year, and today I used it to buy some sneakers and dress shoes that I desperately needed.

I paid my late fees at the library and picked up some books. (Something to read on our upcoming trip to San Diego, as well as some Thanksgiving books for work.) Have I mentioned how much I love the library? Don't know why I stayed away for so long. My goal is to return these books on time.

Did a little shopping at Old Navy. I went looking for one shirt in particular that I'd seen a few weeks ago. A Giants t-shirt. Of course, it wasn't there today. So I bought a couple shirts and a sweater.

Of course, I stopped at my parents to spend some time with them and Olivia. That girl is sooooo stinkin' cute. My parents are going on a retreat so we won't see them until after our California trip. They're taking care of Zoe while we're gone. I hope she's a good girl. *fingers crossed*

On my way home I stopped at Subway. I downed a foot-long Spicy Italian sub, one bag of Doritos and 3 double chocolate chip cookies. That was about 2pm. No dinner necessary for me tonight!

Unfortunately, that's kind of where my ambition died out. I watched TV, scoured the internet and took a nap. I'm going to try to get the clean dishes put away before bed so the kitchen will be somewhat presentable. Hopefully John will be home when I get home from work tomorrow!

*On a funny note: I just discovered all the web tools that come with Blogger. My blog comes up in google search most when people type in "How to take care of a centipede." I find that funny. :)

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