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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cunniff Thanksgiving Photos

I promised Thanksgiving pictures, and here they are! The Cunniff Thanksgiving took place on Saturday, November 21, 2009.

The beautiful table! Mom did a great job decorating it. Each of the little kids got an ornament with their name on it, and Amy and I got blank ornaments in honor of our babies in Heaven. Amy got one, and I got two. Thanks Mom. :)

It was a semi-nice day, so after dinner we all went outside to take some pictures. Of course, the kids had to have some fun on the swingset first. Here's Caleb enjoying the slide. I also rode on the teeter-totter with him. Does anyone have a picture of that??
Zach on the swing! I love his scrunched up little smiley face. He also enjoyed playing in a pile of sticks over by the fireplace. Such a boy.
Olivia's swing was a tad crooked...but Christine said it was good enough for her kid. :) She loved the swing!
John & I. A little blurry, but still cute.Matt & Sarah, very cute picture!!Amy, Zach, Caleb & Dave. Such a good-looking family!
Olivia (with her tongue out), Shaun & Christine. I don't think Olivia had any turkey for her first Thanksgiving...
Caleb, Grampy, Olivia, Zachary & Grammy. In that order.
Dad & Mom. I love this picture, I think it turned out great!

All my photos, from now until I get a new computer (hint, hint) will be unedited. Unfortunately. You'll just have to take my family 'as is'.

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