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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sledding Fun!

Today was sledding day at work! Since we've had appropriate snow (and temperatures) we've been outside twice. I was dreading it. Ten kids, each with their own snowpants, boots, coats, hats, mittens, scarves, gloves, etc. But honestly, it's a blast. It's a lot of work to get out there, but once we do it's great. ALL the kids tried sledding and enjoyed it. Some choose not to do it so much, others sled down time after time after time. Some would rather eat snow. :) But atleast they're all out there, and not crying!!

This is Mason, isn't he adorable? He's moving up in a week.

Julius...with his eyes closed. :)

Ned, peeking out under his hat, and Dominic. They're both moving up too.

Jade, she'll be moving up as well.

Dominic! With his Batman hat!

Abby & Alexa...I'm keeping them! :) They were the little daredevils on the hill!

They were such good little climbers after they flew down the hill!

Dominic & Julius getting ready for a ride.

Jade & Abby excited to sled!

Colin (he's moving up) and out, Colin's holding the reins!

The whole crew! Dominic, Abby, Ned, Julius, Alena, Alexa, Mason, Colin & Jade!

I never want to hear a mother with one or two kids complain about taking them outside in the snow!!! :)


Kristen said...

Hey! It's still a lot of work bundling up two kids to go outside. When Dave takes the girls outside it is a long process from potty trips, to being bundled, before they're out the door. I'll complain if I want to. j/k Looks like everyone had a great time. :)

Lynn said...

lol...I know, most of our kids are potty-trained, so that adds to the craziness before going out. so worth it though!