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Thursday, January 22, 2009


John and I babysat last night for our nephews! I always love spending time with the boys, and I think John has more fun than anyone! He's not a huge fan of babies. Not much fun, according to him. But he did take care of Zach a few times last night when I had to do laundry and stuff. The rest of his evening was spent playing with Caleb! He picked up his train set from his parents house and set it all up for Caleb. He also bought some musical instruments a few days ago to put in Caleb's toy basket that we have at our house. It's so fun for me to see John so excited to spend time with him and play with him.

So John and Caleb spent the night playing with trains and instruments. There was a little red recorder that Caleb was determined to play. He tried and tried and tried. Every once in awhile he would get a little whistle out, but he couldn't figure out how to just blow. He kept humming, and that just wouldn't work. His determination (and the silly looks on his face) made John and I laugh SO HARD, so then Caleb would laugh and try again. Then he played the kazoo, which he liked, but I think the vibrations tickled his nose. He kept laughing and rubbing his nose after he played it!

Zachary was a good boy, as usual. I fed him his bottle (while I ate my dinner) and then he was content to just sit in the bouncy seat and watch Caleb play for awhile. He's such a happy baby. Here's some pictures from our evening together.

The happy Zachary
Not the best picture, but Caleb loves this firehat!
Caleb enjoyed his chocolate chip cookie from Uncle John

Playing ball with Uncle John...the recorder as a bat :)

Playing the recorder (upside down)

Smiling while playing, he loved entertaining us :)

Such a sweet boy
Time to try the kazoo!

Gotta try that recorder one more time!

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