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Monday, January 19, 2009


Yesterday was Christine's baby shower. We had a great time, and she got TONS of stuff! Some moments were hard for me, but I got through it without too many tears...I'm proud of myself. :) Here are some pictures from the day. I didn't take as many as I'd like to because of being busy helping her, but I did get some!

Here are the many cupcakes Sarah, Mom & Daniela worked on

Mom made all the candies, Sarah made all the cupcakes and Daniela helped decorate them!

The set-up was gorgeous
Mom made the diaper cake, and even had ribbon on it in Christine's colors, pink and brown

What a load of gifts!

lots of guests

more guests

and even more guests!

Dad helped ALOT with the food!

Keelin liked the bathtub

I think she's a tiny bit too big for it! :)

Zachary had a great time

Sweet little grin

and the woman of the hour! Congratulations Christine!

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