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Friday, May 27, 2011

Bottles & Binkies & Burpcloths...Oh My!

As I glance around our house I can't help but chuckle.

There are binkies on the coffee table and bottles in the sink.  There are blankets strewn about and burp cloths always within reach.  Baby nail clippers sit on the arm of the sofa and there's a carseat on the dining room table.  There's a basket of clean baby clothes that need to be put away, and a dryer-full ready to be folded.  Our tub has an infant tub taking up space, and a rubber ducky (police-style) is in there as well.  We have a baby play mat on the living room floor and a swing blocking the front door.

And in the other room, the room that used to be our 'junk room', there's an adorable little boy sleeping admist the fire truck motif.

I rush around to finish household chores while he naps.  (Sometimes I just surf around facebook while he naps.)  Some days I don't get a shower.  (He gets a tubby almost every night.)  My little man sleeps and eats like a champ.  (I sleep well...I need to eat better.)  I haven't had the time to read, scrapbook or play the piano like I used to.  (But taking care of my sweet son is soooo much more rewarding.)

Can you believe this is my life?!?

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