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Monday, April 25, 2011

One Month!

Two days ago my baby boy turned one month old!  We've been busy over Easter weekend, so I didn't have a chance to do a one month post until now.  Here's JJ, on his one month birthday!

He has an Easter outfit on, because we celebrated Easter with my family on Saturday!

So at one month, my little man has pretty much outgrown all his newborn clothes.  I can squeeze him into a few things, but he's basically moved completely into his 0-3 month wardrobe!  He's also long outgrown newborn diapers.  Size 1 fits him perfectly...but probably not for long!  He goes through tons of diapers, he's always wet and lots of times poopy!  I've only been sprayed a couple times...and I don't think John has been at all!

By his one month birthday, JJ had rolled over twice from his belly to his back!  He enjoys tummy time, when he's in a good mood, but apparently he enjoys rolling more!  It never fails though, as soon as he gets himself rolled onto his back, he starts screaming.  Not his favorite place to be, I guess!  He's doing well holding his head up and he seems to have more control every day!  He follows things with his eyes, no problem.  One day I was pacing around our bedroom on the phone, and he just watched me go from one side of the room to the other, over and over!

JJ has started smiling a lot!  He coos and makes lots of cute noises.  He loves to talk to us, and he loves to be facing us.  I love watching his eyes light up as we talk to him and he talks back.  Sometimes he's a little fussy in the evenings, but not always.  He really dislikes tubby time, I'm hoping that changes eventually!!  He also screams almost every time we change him!

He continues to be an excellent sleeper.  He'll always give me a 5-7 hour stretch when I first lay him down at night.  After that, it can be anywhere from 2.5-4 hours.  I'm trying to make sure he gets a good nap during the day too.  It doesn't always work...but today it is!  He's been asleep for about an hour and I've managed to get some laundry and dishes done!  I think his fussy evenings come when he doesn't get some good sleep in during the day.

JJ is a great eater as well.  He's had breast milk and formula out of a bottle, and does well with both!  I'll be leaving him at my parent's Thursday morning so I can get a haircut.  I've only left him with John so far, and only for about 30 minutes at a this will be a first!  But I know he'll do well, and Olivia will love playing with him.  And I really need a haircut!!

John and I are doing well.  I'm loving being home with JJ.  I do miss all my friends at work, but there is nothing better than taking care of my baby.  I keep pretty busy visiting my sister or parents, or just going to the store for awhile.  John has been working lots of overtime the past couple weeks, so that's hard on him.  He misses JJ!  But he's such a good provider for us.  Even on his days off he's busy at the firehouse and with other commitments...but he loves to just sit and snuggle with his little boy.

We count ourselves truly blessed to have been entrusted with this sweet baby boy.  It is definitely not something that I take for granted.  There are times that I just sit and hold him, not able to pull my eyes away from his adorable face.  Looking at him often makes me wonder...what would my other babies have looked like?  I wonder if they would look similar, or not alike at all?  It's amazing how healing it has been to hold, love and take care of this amazing blessing.  I thank God for him everyday!


Rachel said...

Your boy is adorable! Such a big boy already!

Anonymous said...

Olivia is going to want to hold him the whole time!